Post-traumatic stress disorder can be difficult to diagnose and challenging to treat. PTSD is a common affliction for soldiers that served in combat zones while in one of the branches of the military. Read these smart, helpful and practical legal tips from renowned PTSD attorneys in Minneapolis.

What Are the Symptoms of PTSD?

This disorder is characterized by troubling and often terrifying flashback episodes so real that the person feels just like they were back in that original situation that caused their fears to emerge. Common symptoms of PTSD include extreme inner anxiety and fears that do not seem to be due to an immediate threat, insomnia, body aches and mood swings.

The sufferers often have trouble dealing with others at work or in a relationship, and PTSD clients are more prone to have terrifying night terrors and dreams that awaken the sufferer and make it all but impossible to get the necessary rest everybody needs to stay healthy and well.

PTSD May Make It Impossible for the Person to a Hold Meaningful Job

When a person with PTSD is experiencing uncontrollable mood swings, problems with sleep, night terrors or is otherwise showing serious issues, it can be difficult for the person to hold down a normal meaningful job according to seasoned PTSD attorneys from Minneapolis.

PTSD Sufferers May Qualify for Benefits

Mental blocking of traumatic events from the past can occur with PTSD. These individuals may qualify for disability benefits and should consult a PTSD attorney.