Most Jeep enthusiasts are familiar with lift kits. These kits can help you vehicle perform over different types of terrain. They also add some style to the average Jeep. When choosing a lift kit, you can pick either a short or long arm set up. See why some drivers prefer the performance offered by a JL long arm kit.

A Brief Look at Short Arm Kits

In a nutshell, short arm kits are less likely to ride smoothly on the streets. This is because these kits attach directly to the stock control arm mount. At some angles, this causes the arm to overcompensate by becoming too vertical. This will make the suspension more susceptible to problems due to the extra stress. It will also cause the vehicle’s engine to overwork to support the movement. It’s common for short arm kit owners to experience a lot of vibration when driving on a pavement surface. Therefore, short arm kits are not very versatile.

The Basics Behind Long Arm Kits

Longarm kits are capable of producing a smoother ride under most circumstances. A JL long arm kit does this due to a larger radius for the wheel’s travel. This configuration creates more curvature which helps quell the energy transferred from the road. In this sense, long arm kits are more resilient to the uneven terrain features of the typical road.

Other Considerations

In sum, it is worth it to take a look at the long arm kit options. Yet, you also need to be aware of a few other things. Longarm kits are more of a permanent modification. It is hard to change back to a short arm set up in a hurry. Also, long arm kits are not suitable for rock climbing or large barriers. Yet, they are preferred because they allow drivers to go faster when on an unbeaten path. Be sure to research further before settling on your choice.