Many motorcycle riders look forward to the spring and summer months. They cannot wait to get on the road and enjoy the surroundings. However, you must still be safe and aware of the other drivers. If you get in an accident, then you will need to contact a motorcycle accident attorney in a Phoenix, AZ, office. Read on to find how to win a claim when not wearing a helmet.

Follow the Requirements

The law requires you to wear a seat belt when riding in a car as a safety device. It is no different when riding a motorcycle, as you will need to wear a motorcycle helmet. A helmet can be the difference between life and death in some cases.

Check Your State Law

You should check with your state about the requirements for wearing a motorcycle helmet. Some states require helmets, some have age-based laws, and others do not need them. However, not wearing a helmet can affect your claim if you are involved in an accident.

Schedule Consultation with Motorcycle Accident Attorney in a Phoenix, AZ, Office

A lawyer can tell you how to proceed with your case. It would help if you told them what happened and to explain why you were not wearing a helmet. There is something called modified comparative negligence. You can bring an injury lawsuit even if you partially contributed to your injuries. However, you must not be responsible for 50 percent of the injuries or property damage.

The judge will look at all parties who are responsible for damages. If not wearing a helmet caused 25 percent of the damage, then your compensation will be reduced by 25 percent. Contact Snyder & Wenner, P.C. at to discuss your case.