With the growing spotlight on cannabis as an herb for better health, there has been an increase in concerns about how best cannabis can be used for health and medical purposes. The signature use of cannabis has, for a long time, been associated with smoking. It is only recently that experts and cannabis enthusiasts have found better and more creative ways of ingesting cannabis, hence the provision of cannabis edibles.

Should You Eat Cannabis Or Smoke It?
Well…there are certainly better benefits in cannabis when it is eaten rather than inhaled (not as if smoking – or smoke in general – does anybody’s lungs any good).

Edibles are a healthier option: with cannabis edibles, there is no exposure to the toxic carbon fumes that smoking produces.

Duration of effects: smoking cannabis provides instantaneous effects, but effects last for only a short while and consistent smoking in not advised for health reasons. Cannabis edibles, however, provide long-term effects and do not expose users to toxic effects found in smoking.

Effects of smoking cannabis can be as short as 90 minutes or if the strain is potent, about four hours. Edibles provide effects that last from four to up to 9 hours depending on the classification of the cannabis edible ingested.

Classification of Cannabis Edibles
Cannabis edibles are categorized into 3 groups, depending on form and method of ingestion:

Some are ingested for the stomach to digest; these types are known as gastrointestinal uptake and are the types usually found in baked goods such as brownies, cookies, crepes, macaroons, chocolate bars, etc. These edibles are not fast-action like oral uptakes, but their effects usually last longer.

Some are dissolved in the saliva; these types are known as oral uptakes and can be found in form of sweets, gum, draggies, lozenges and oral drops. While these act faster than gastrointestinal uptakes, the effects wear off faster too.
The hybrid edibles are created using a mix of both oral uptakes and gastrointestinal uptakes. Examples include drinks infused with cannabis.

Cannabis edibles are a perfect choice for people who are averse to smoking. They are also a great option for smokers who are looking for a better, healthier way to make use of cannabis without having to smoke joints or pipes.