As individuals age, the body also changes giving people those telltale aging characteristics that nobody really wants. Many people suffer from gastrointestinal issues that are hard to diagnose correctly and treat effectively. Learn how treatment for a leaky gut by a Peachtree City doctor may help improve your overall health.

Why Most People Do Not Recognize How Their Gut Problems Impact Health & Well-Being Overall

Some of the common complaints received by patients who suffer from gut issues are abdominal cramps, excess bloating, increased gas in the intestines, constipation or diarrhea, frequent heartburn, food sensitivities or uncontrolled burping or belching.

Most of these people fail to recognize that these gut problems may be impacting their overall health and well-being according to experienced anti-aging and wellness doctors. Rather than treating those gut symptoms only, it is better to determine the root cause of gut issues and find a sensible and effective treatment solution.

Some Common Symptoms of Leaky Gut That Impacts More Body Areas

Anti-aging doctors are trained to recognize the symptoms of leaky gut that becomes more prevalent as people age. Common symptoms of this ailment include headaches, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, joint pain, skin problems, nail issues, problems with mental focus, increased irritability and daytime chronic fatigue.

How To Treat Leaky Gut Effectively

To adequately treat signs/symptoms of a leaky gut, it is necessary to treat the person in a holistic manner. Anti-aging specialists use targeted treatments that work to repair, restore and replace elements for optimal good health.