Illegal and unethical internet activity is on the rise. The workplace is no more safe from these attacks than anywhere else. This is why employees need to fully understand the risks and know when to take action. Every organization needs to be training employees about phishing scams. See how you can implement this training for your employees.

What Is Phishing?

At first, the term phishing is not immediately recognizable. Most employees probably won’t even know that the phenomena exist. To put it simply, phishing occurs when a person receives an email that looks like it’s from someone else in the organization. Thus, the message is intended to instill trust in the end-user. Once the message is opened, malicious code can be released and cause a number of different problems. Phishing attempts usually urge users to click a link or to open a file.

Phishing might also involve threats or other attempts of persuasion to convince the user to release information. In essence, there is a very psychological aspect to phishing. It plays on the emotions of potential victims. Phishing schemes can be complex, this is why it is important to have phishing training for employees.

A Look at Training Opportunities

There are some ways that you can prepare your employees to prevent cyber attacks. First, employees should recognize their role as the first line of defense. As such, they need to be prepared at all times to recognize threats. Next, employees should know how to remain compliant with the regulatory standards for the organization. This is extremely important for those in the financial services or the health field. Finally, employees need to know when and how to contact the security team for extra support.

Putting It All Together

Phishing training for employees is a necessity in today’s world. In addition to the above, there are many more steps to take. Get started as soon as possible to ensure that your organization is protected.