At first glance, living in a student apartment sounds great. You’ll get access to resort-style amenities like a 24-hour gym, study lounge, clubhouse, private coffee shop and more. You’ll also get a fully-furnished apartment that comes with furniture, appliances, hardwood floors, granite countertops and other features that make you feel like you’re living in a hotel. Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive social events throughout the year.

It sounds like a great time. But does Marquette University housing really prepare you for the real world?

Does Living in a Student Apartment Prepare You for the Real World?

Despite the luxurious amenities, living in a student apartment gives you real-world experience that you wouldn’t get from a college dorm. For one thing, you’ll have more freedom. You won’t be living under the university rules–you can make your own decisions and live on your terms.

Student apartments also come with more responsibilities. You’ll be paying your own rent, electricity and gas every month. If you can’t make those payments, you’ll risk getting kicked out of your apartment. You’ll also have to transport yourself to school and back every day since you won’t be living on campus. This means you’ll have to find another option if your car breaks down and the bus has already left.

If you’d like to rent Marquette University housing, you can find more information at the Lark on 14th website. Read about the features and amenities and check out their social media pages for more information on the Lark community.