Preparing tools to make your classroom lessons more fun and engaging for all of your students doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. By buying the tools you would use to make the materials you want, it can be easy to have the fun things you want for your classes on demand and customized for your lessons. One tool that can be a big help in making creative, custom classroom tools is a wide format roll laminator.

With a high quality wide format cold roll laminator, you can take paper tools or photographs and laminate them right when you need to so they are sturdy and last for a long time. Laminated flashcards can make for fun games or classroom activities between students without you having to worry about the cards being damaged or torn. Laminated posters and photographs can also be great for the classroom by promoting a focused learning environment with interesting and colorful images on the walls that last all year and even beyond, the laminate staying intact allowing you to take them off of the wall for next year or if you move to a new classroom.

Laminating name tags and reward systems can also help to personalize the classroom experience for yourself and your students. Making a rewards system with laminated stars or emoticons that track students’ behaviors and performance can be helpful in keeping them motivated and on their best behavior while making it easy for you to discipline students and keep track of their behavior patterns.