When you have questions about taxation, business accounting, or financial planning, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can answer them. Why consult with a CPA? A CPA is a highly qualified professional accountant who has met both state education and experience requirements and passed the Uniform Certified Public Account Examination, which is developed, maintained, and scored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

CPA’s primarily provide assurance services, also known as financial auditing, but also serve as business consultants in income tax preparations, and effectively, any other type of finance. A CPA near Atlanta GA can provide service in corporate governance, the system that directs and controls corporations, as well as financial accounting, analysis, and planning. In forensic accounting, their skills can prevent, detect, and investigate financial fraud. Their corporate finance abilities encompass managing mergers and acquisitions along with initial public offerings, share and debt issuing, and venture capital investments for high potential, high-risk growth start up companies. Additionally, they work with income tax preparation and planning, estate planning, financial, and regulatory reporting.

When it comes to monetary services, it is prudent for companies and individuals to seek the assistance of the most qualified and skilled accountants available. Fricke & Associates, LLC can offer their clients the highest knowledge, experience, and solutions in accounting, taxation, and financial planning for both businesses and persons. Financial planning can include a long-range outlook for college, retirement, and estate planning. Their expertise can assist anyone with deciding the best investment options available to help build wealth, shield possessions, and reduce obligations.

By offering full accounting services, a CPA can help a business with the burdens of bookkeeping and payroll, tax returns and compiling financial statements, which free the business owner to concentrate on other important company issues. Having a skilled professional evaluate the financial needs of an individual or organization allows them to take advantage of the most up-to-date tax regulations and maximizes related decisions. To reach their financial goals, individuals and businesses will profit the most from comprehensive planning, products, and consultation that will help them securely build, protect, and grow their financial resources.