Technicians with a professional Tree Trimming Service in Fayetteville GA know how to prune large branches without harming the tree. Many people are dismayed to discover that cutting large branches from a tree as a do-it-yourself project can lead to the tree’s demise. Certain pruning methods interfere with the healing response, weakening the plant and making it susceptible to disease, fungal growth, decay and insect infestations. In addition, even if the tree survives, poor healing can cause an unattractive, noticeably uneven area where the branch was cut away.

When a large branch is removed, the tree needs to form a callous material over the wound, growing gradually from the outside to the inner area. That protects the area from possible harm and halts the flow of sap from the wound. It’s similar to a scab forming on human skin, except this material is permanent. Eventually, the place where the branch was cut away will be completely covered and will not be obvious to a casual observer.

Technicians from a Tree Trimming Service in Fayetteville GA begin large branch removal by cutting a notch a few feet from the trunk to stop the bark from splitting when they cut away the biggest portion of the branch. That step comes next, which eliminates most of the weight and makes proper trimming near the trunk easier. If this isn’t done, the branch may break off at the trunk as the pruning takes place, which can shear off some of the trunk’s bark and underlying wood.

Now the technician can smoothly prune the remainder of the branch, leaving enough of it so what is left can heal and form the callous material. Cutting the branch off flush with the trunk often results in a decaying hole in the tree because the area is unable to cover itself with protective material. However, it’s also important not to leave too many inches of wood sticking out from the tree, as that also disrupts healing. For all these reasons, hiring a company such as 770-Tree-Guy to trim a large branch from a beloved tree is crucial for helping it recover and keeping it healthy.