You know what your car looked like before the accident and you know what it looks like after it was repaired but how do you know if the auto body shop in Plainfield NJ really fixed everything perfect?

The last time you laid eyes on your car when it was being towed away from where the accident happened. Several weeks later you finally get a call from the body shop telling you the car is ready for you to pick it up; bring your checkbook with you and you are free to drive it away. Are you sure that the work was done right?

The key to happiness when you are having your car repaired after an accident it selecting the best auto body shop in Plainfield NJ. Even if you are sure that you have done just that you still need to check to make sure the work was done right. Here are a few tips on how to go about this.

Up front understanding: You and the local auto body shop must be on the same page; you must make it clear what is to be fixed and how it is to be fixed. Get all the agreements in wring, find out what the warranty is that the shop offers on repairs and when you come to pick up the car make sure everything that was agreed has been done.

Cleanliness is important: Even though body shops are dirty with all the dust flying around it is important that your car is clean when you pick it up. The car should be washed just before you arrive, it should be vacuumed and there must not be any old parts left in the trunk.

Closer inspection: If the car looks good take a close look at the area that was repaired, the gaps between body panels should be equal and properly aligned; make sure all the doors open and close perfectly. If the frame was distorted in the accident it will have been straightened on the “rack”, it can be hard to visually tell if the frame is correct or not so get a look at the printout of the frame spec; good body shops measure the frame before they work on it and again after the repair has been made. The post repair measurements which should match the original frame spec.

Paint: A good auto body repair shop will take pride in matching the car paint color and consistency. It is easy to get 95 percent of the way just by using the paint spec number, to get that last five percent takes a master in paint matching. Pick your car up during the day, you will be able to see any differences in paint color and equally as important, the texture. Cars that are out of the factory have a slight “orange peel” texture and only the best body shops can duplicate this effect.

If a problem crops up some months later do not hesitate to take the car back and discuss the issue. If you notice premature front tire wear this may mean the front suspension was not realigned exactly. When you choose Northeast Collision Inc in Plainfield NJ to do the work you can be assured of perfection as no car leaves the shop before it is thoroughly inspected.