When you experience a plumbing problem in your home, it can get out of hand very quickly. While calling an emergency plumbing service in Northbrook, IL, should be done as early as possible, there are other actions you can take as you await professional help. This short guide can help you keep a plumbing problem under control until it can be repaired.

Shut Off the Water Supply

When the water supply is allowed to continue operating, you’ll be increasing the risks of worsening your plumbing problem and causing extensive water damage to your home. To prevent these issues, you should shut off the water to your home as quickly as possible. The water shutoff valve is typically located near the water meter on the exterior of your home. If you can’t find it, section 6.1 of your home inspection report should provide the correct information.

Clear Away Obstacles

When you call an emergency plumbing service in Northbrook, IL, for help, you’ll want to ensure the plumber can work as efficiently as possible. You can help by clearing away towels, dishes, cleaning supplies, and any other items away from the affected sink, toilet, or tub. You should also make sure you’re available in case they need your assistance as they work on your problem.

Begin Removing Water

If water has been leaking onto your floor or walls, you should begin soaking it up as quickly as possible. Use sponges, towels, and rags to soak up water that has already accumulated on the floor. You should also check the levels beneath the leak to find out if water is continuing to seep through to other floors. If you do find a drip, place a bucket in that area to collect the water. Efficiently cleaning up water will help you avoid extensive water damage and mold growth.

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