Anyone who has spent time in the construction industry knows the importance of being able to connect posts to one another. The easiest way to do this is by using post brackets.

Connecting Caps

These types of brackets are called caps because they on top of the posts. When using them, multiple beams can be connected to a single post. They are generally made from solid steel and are especially useful when constructing gazebos and pavilions.

Cross Beam Brackets

These brackets also sit atop columns and are used to connect 4 posts to each column. They can be custom-made and are especially popular when connecting 4×4 post brackets. Many people choose to have sleeves run down the posts.

Supporting Brackets

These types of post brackets do exactly what the name implies. They support girders that may be of different thicknesses than the post on which they sit. The girders being supported are generally of the type that terminates over the post instead of terminating on top of it.

Base Brackets

These types of 4×4 post brackets are affixed to the bottom of the posts so that they will stand in place. They are also used for posts that need to slide through the bracket. They are mainly used for decorative purposes even though they have a clear function.

Uplift Brackets

These brackets are designed to keep the post off of the actual ground. These are preferred if the posts are being used in an environment that is prone to moisture.

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