When you live in Western Michigan University off campus housing, you have the freedom to live your life on your own terms. However, if you’re living with roommates, it doesn’t hurt to be considerate. What are some of the unspoken rules for having guests over?

Should You Tell Your Roommates if You’re Having Guests Over?
It’s best to tell your roommates if you plan on having guests over, even if they already have plans during that time. If they don’t know what’s going on, they might come back early and be unpleasantly surprised to find a bunch of strangers in their apartment. Your roommates aren’t your RAs–you don’t have to answer to them or give them a detailed schedule of your events this week. It’s just a courtesy to let your roommates know what’s going on so they can plan ahead of time.

To make things easier, you and your roommates might want to agree on a set of rules for having guests over. You probably wouldn’t appreciate it if your roommates had eight people over on a Thursday night while you were trying to study, so why would you do it to them? Talk to your roommates so you can come to an agreement that benefits everybody. You might agree that you and your roommates can only have a certain amount of people over at a time and guests are only allowed on certain days.

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