If you own a business and have not scheduled maintenance for a heating and cooling system in Irving Park, then now is the time to make the call. While many property owners put this task off, it may wind up costing them big in the long run. Learning more about the importance of preventative maintenance can help anyone keep their heating and cooling system in good, working order.

Why Preventative Maintenance is so Important?

The entire purpose of preventative maintenance is to keep a heating and cooling system in Irving Park running efficiently throughout the year. This will also help to prevent any unexpected breakdowns. In most cases, commercial property owners don’t see their unit face to face very often. This makes it easy to forget about it and neglect proper care. If this was done with a vehicle, it would result in a complete breakdown of the auto; the same is true for the heating and cooling system.

Benefits Offered by Annual Maintenance

Many people wonder what to expect from annual HVAC system maintenance. After all, this is an expense and one that many businesses may try to avoid. However, some of the biggest benefits offered by this maintenance include:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Fewer repairs necessary
  • A reduced chance of a catastrophic breakdown
  • Longer life spans for the equipment
  • Safer operation of the equipment

Maintenance that can be Handled In-House

While regular HVAC maintenance for a commercial system from a professional is important, there are a number of tasks that can be handled by the property owner. Some of the DIY tasks that should be handled throughout the year include:

  • Changing the HVAC filter monthly
  • Remove any debris from the exterior unit
  • Rinse off the exterior unit when dirt starts to gather on it
  • Trim any foliage back from the exterior unit
  • Keep the supply and return registers free from being blocked

A heating and cooling system may not seem like it needs much service or care; however, this is typically not the case. It is important to provide annual checkups for the unit to keep it operating properly. More information about HVAC system maintenance can be found by taking some time to contact Deljo Heating & Cooling.