Have you been hearing or reading about the term “hodl” when it comes to the world of digital currency investing? Are you trying to learn cryptocurrency jargon in hopes to gain insight into the marketplace? Are you also trying to find easy ways to buy digital currencies like Bitcoin and others in person? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then here are 2 popular cryptocurrency jargon and their meanings so you can gain insight to start engaging in cryptocurrency trading.


Hodl is a term used by the cryptocurrency community that means to hold. It was literally a creation due to a typo but has now become a term of endearment to encourage investors to hold or wait for their digital currencies to rise to a significant value before selling.

To the Moon

Another popular cryptocurrency jargon or term is “to the moon.” To the digital currency or cryptocurrency community, this term means that they are waiting or have waited for their digital currency to rise to a high value or is beginning to rise to a significant value.

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