If you managed to fill out and submit the application to get disability payments to the VA, you may feel like you have accomplished something big. However, your accomplishment can seem muted when you begin the actual preparation to go to court.

At that point, you may realize that you are in over your proverbial head and cannot represent yourself. You can instead hire one of the skilled attorneys for veterans benefits to represent you in your court appearance.

Bringing Along Evidence

The court judge assigned to your case will want to see ample evidence that you are disabled and that you cannot return to active duty or get a job in the private sector. Even if it’s obvious that you are disabled, it may require the help of a lawyer to prove your case.

The lawyer that represents you can present evidence showing that you have qualifying injuries and limitations that make working outside of the home impossible. He can present doctors’ reports, reports from your rehab facility, and other evidence to substantiate your claim. Your lawyer will ensure that the judge understands your full disability.

Your lawyer can also make sure that you receive back payments from the date that you first submitted your application. You could receive a lump sum settlement.

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