Design-build has become an increasingly popular methodology used by construction companies as an alternative to traditional project delivery. Essentially, the project process works as one entity, one design and build team, instead of the project owner having to manage separate contractors. Among the leading design-build and Commercial construction companies in Denver area Hammers Construction, Inc, “This process allows our team to integrate into a project early enough in the process to select construction methods and materials that exceed performance criteria.” By cutting out the middle man between the designer and the contractor, you’ll have a unified project for a more seamless construction project that stays on budget.

What are the Benefits of Design-Build Construction?

Design-build offers an alternative to traditional design-bid-build project delivery as a unified flow of work from the initial project conception to the point of completion. The roles of the designer and contractor are integrated with one another instead of split into separate entities. As a result, project owners benefit from fewer complications and less delays for a more superior project upon completion.

The process of project delivery between the project owner, design team, and contractor will work together as an alliance. By fostering collaboration and teamwork, the project is successfully completed quicker while remaining within budget as fewer changes are needed.

Design-Build Construction Companies in Denver

Due to the success of the design-build model, over the last 25 years there has been a sharp increase in this delivery method within the United States. Hammers Construction, Inc is one construction company to embrace this methodology as it integrates core business principals into the project from the very beginning. This approach sets design-build construction companies apart as the potential for mistakes decreases while communication through each point of the project is simplified.

If you’re looking for more effective project delivery with design-build construction companies, Denver area Hammers Construction, Inc offers high-quality project development. For more information visit