When it comes to choosing a certified financial planner, a good place to start is in thinking about how you invest. Some people are looking to get the highest maximum returns and are willing to risk more to get there, while others will be looking for something a bit more secure and long term. This is where it helps to get advice from a Certified Financial Planner In Orlando, FL who can discuss all the options available to you.


A financial planner will look at your goals and offer advice on how to adjust your strategy. It may be that you are looking to retire in a few years or in a few decades. If so, the strategy would have to be adjusted in order to account for the particular time frame.

It may be that if you are someone who is risk averse, you may be advised at adding something a little riskier in order to increase returns. Equally for someone who is used to making bold moves, an advisor may offer ways to keep certain assets secure and to vary the portfolio a bit more in order to reduce the impact of any risky investments.

The right one

There are a number of financial planning services out there. Choosing the right one will often depend on personal circumstances. For example the Oxford Advisory Group has members of the team who specialize in retirement planning and Ira legacy planning. With the right approach, you can find someone who can help you get more from your finances and meet your goals.