When you are just starting out in the farming or ranching industry, you know how important it is to invest in the highest quality of livestock possible. The cattle that you start out with will influence the integrity and value of your livestock years later. You want your initial herd to be healthy, versatile and capable of reproducing at progressive rates.

Rather than buy cattle from a livestock auction, you can instead buy from a direct supplier. These reasons are some for investing in bred cows for sale for your ranch today.

Quick Reproduction Rates

One of the main reasons to buy this type of cattle involves getting your herd started right away. When you are serious about hitting the proverbial ground running, you cannot wait for months or years for the herd to double or triple in size. You need your cows to start calving right away.

The cows that you can buy from the supplier are ready to calve out in a matter of weeks. You can have dozens of new calves ready to tag and grow into feeder yearlings quickly.

Another reason to buy from a direct supplier involves taking your time to look at the stock of the bred cows for sale. You do not have to make rush judgments as you would at an auction. You can take in the herd and consider the sires and cows before you buy cows for your ranch.