When you are looking into leasing for yourself or your family, especially in a temporary or unexpected circumstance, it can be stressful and difficult to make temporary arrangements, especially when it comes to moving personal items and furniture. The need for such accommodations is even higher in a late metro area like San Diego, especially between business and military personnel needs. Thankfully, there is a provider of monthly rentals in San Diego that specializes in fully furnished units to help ease any arrangements you have to make for your temporary accommodations.

This rental provider offers both longer-term corporate and personal units. The complex itself is sizable, with 130 units in total, and features both one- and two-bedroom options, as well as short-term units. Most units are one-story units, allowing for additional privacy. The complex also features a community swimming pool and is conveniently located within two blocks of a major shopping area with retail stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, a U.S. Post Office location, a movie theater complex and a wide variety of local and chain restaurants. Also nearby is a 5-acre public park, ideal for both leisure and fitness activities. Additionally, the complex is conveniently close to the downtown district, public beaches, golf courses, various aquatic parks, the world-famous San Diego Zoo and the Tijuana border.

If you are looking for high quality monthly rentals in San Diego, or you Ould like more information, please contact Foxwood Apartments online at www.foxwoodapartments.com or by phone at 619-690-1199.