If you are about to visit a watch repair shop, you need to know about all the services that they offer. Most people don’t realize that even the most expensive watches require servicing and maintenance work after a few years. If you want to make sure that your watch keeps accurate time, take it for servicing after a few years. There are many companies that offer watch repair services in Bernardsville NJ Here are some of the services that they offer.

Link Removal

One common watch repair service in Bernardsville NJ is link removal. If you have a watch with a bigger chain, you can get some of the links removed so that it fits properly on your hand. Most chain straps are linked with each other. However, these links can be removed in order to shorten the strap. You will need to take your watch to a skilled repair shop in order to remove the links.

Watch Engraving

Many companies that offer watch repair services also offer watch engraving services. Are you looking to personalize your watch and have your own name or a quote engraved on the side? Watch engraving is done with specialized tools, including a laser machine. The engraving is done with a lot of care and precision so as to prevent any sort of damage to the watch. The quote is engraved on the side of the watch in most cases.

Movement Repair

The movement in your watch is what makes the hands tick. Most watch movements are manufactured in China and Japan. However, more expensive watch movements are almost exclusively manufactured in Switzerland. Swiss movements are generally known for their reliability and longevity. However, in case something gets stuck in the watch movement, the watch might stop working. You will need to take the watch to a reputable company in order to get it fixed. If you own a more expensive model such as an Omega or a Rolex, it is best to do your research before you take your watch to any company.

Many companies also offer watch repair services online. You can just pack up your watch and send it to the given address, and the company will repair and send it back to you. Depending upon the amount of repair work to be done, the repair costs will differ. Make sure you take your watch to a famous watch repair company in Bernardsville NJ. Read reviews from satisfied customers about the price and the duration in which their watch was repaired before you give your expensive watch away for repairs.