The next time you want to sand a floor, rent a floor sander instead of buying one. Some of the best floor sanders cost thousands of dollars, so why spend that kind of money on a sander you will probably rarely use when you can pay much, much less to rent one? Renting has a financial benefit.

Another benefit to renting a floor sander is the space you won’t have to give up to store this large piece of machinery. You’ll be able to put that space to better use because you’ll be returning the sander when you’re done with it. That sander won’t be in your way for very long.

Floor sander rental in Newnan GA, is available by the hour, day, week or month, and you’ll find that the prices are pleasantly affordable. You can purchase sandpaper to use on the machine in different grit sizes. Floor edging sanders can also be rented.

Other types of equipment you can rent from this family-owned business include air compressors, fans, dehumidifiers, generators, pressure washers, lifts and sewer snakes. Power tools can also be rented. The list of equipment you can rent from this company is extensive, so visit the website for more information.

Reach Able 2 Rental All at 770-670-5453. Call the company for floor sander rental in Newnan, GA. Check out the website at, and find almost any type of equipment you’d like to rent. Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions there, too, to learn more about this business.