Have you ever rented a Party bus? The big thing used to be renting a limo to go to the prom in style. Now the big thing is to rent a party bus. But it is not just for going to the prom. A Party Bus is used to go to any event imaginable. They are popular for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, weddings, birthday parties (especially Sweet Sixteen birthday parties), golf outings, concerts, sporting events, and much more. Party bus rentals let you have a wonderful time without worrying about driving.

It is hard to imagine how much fun you and your friends will have by renting a Party bus until you actually rent one. It is almost like a nightclub on wheels. The seating in a party bus is quite unique. Instead of rows of seats with all the passengers facing forward, most buses have custom bench seating against the side wall of the vehicle. This means that everyone can face each other during the trip which lends itself to a more relaxed and jovial atmosphere.

If you rent a traditional limo, you may be able to seat 10 guests or perhaps 20 folks if it is a stretch limo. A Party bus can seat up to 50 guests, plus they can dance in the bus. A limo simply does not have the head room for dancing. Amenities for the bus may include leather seating and plush carpeting for exceptional comfort. You will also be able to listen to a great sound system or even watch a satellite TV if you so desire. Other party buses have polished hardwood floors for dancing complete with a dancer’s pole! Trying to fit a dancer’s pole in a stretch limo would be an exercise in futility!

If you have a night out on the town planned, you will not have to worry about drinking and driving with a Party Bus Rental. The professional chauffeur makes sure that you arrive safely at your destination, and he will get you home at the end of the evening. The driver is insured and bonded, so you can trust him to tend to your needs. You will not have to search for a cab at the end of the night, because your party bus and driver are waiting there to take you home.