Are you tired of looking up at a flakey popcorn ceiling or peeling drywall? You might think that a wood-tiled ceiling is old-fashioned, but this luxurious and practical material is making a comeback as one of the hottest trends in ceiling design. Here are three reasons to choose wood tiles for your ceiling remodel.

Versatile Designs

From panels and planks to carved tiles and beadboard, wood ceiling tiles are available in a wide variety of designs that add individuality and character to any room. Wood tiles also allow you to hide unsightly elements like flaws and wiring.

Environmentally Friendly

Wood is not only sustainable but also very energy efficient. Its thermal insulation properties work to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer to lower your electricity bills. You even may find that your ceiling remodel pays for itself over time.


Nothing beats wood ceiling tiles when it comes to durability. Quality wood tiles can keep their beautiful appearance for decades with a minimal amount of maintenance. Like wood floors, you can also refinish your wood ceiling when it begins to show signs of wear and age instead of replacing it.

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