White, or reflective roofs, have been used for approximately four decades. White roofs are considered extremely reflective and typically highly emissive. They transfer less heat into the commercial building compared to a darker colored roof. White roofs offer a number of benefits, regardless of the climate or weather. In fact, thanks to their unique design, they often reduce the frequency that Commercial Roof Repair Services in Aurora CO have to be called for.

They Stay Cooler

White roofs that have a high reflectivity are up to 70 degrees cooler (or more) during the summer compared to other, more traditional commercial roofing materials. This reduces the wear and tear on the materials, which can lead to the entire structure lasting longer.

Save Energy and Money

A white roof system will also help a business owner save money and energy during the hottest part of the year. Since the commercial AC system will not have to be working so hard, the business owner will see significant savings, which can affect their bottom line in a positive way. In fact, while white roofs are an effective option in virtually any climate, building owners in some locations have seen a reduction in energy consumption of up to 40 percent during peak times of the year.

Reduce Workspace Heat

There are still quite a few commercial buildings that do not use air-conditioning, which often makes the conditions inside unpleasant. However, with a white roof, the interior of the building will remain cooler, leading to more pleasing working conditions and, in some cases, increased productivity.

Protection for Underlying Insulation

A white roof will help to keep moisture away and reflect infrared and ultraviolet radiation. This means it will effectively protect the underlying insulation and the substrate from issues with deterioration. This is another way a white roof can minimize the need to call call Commercial Roof Repair Services in Aurora CO.

When it comes to a commercial roof, it is important to take some time to find out about all the options that are available. As seen here, white roofs offer a number of benefits for commercial properties.