A lack of productivity is probably one of the biggest issues most major companies face. They literally spend thousands of dollars every year trying to figure out ways to make their employees more productive.

COVID has proven that while most companies believed allowing their employees to work from home would be a complete disaster, the opposite is true.

According to research, 51% of employees surveyed said they were more productive when working from home during the pandemic. This is because they had fewer interruptions and their environment was a lot quieter. Specially IT professionals are looking for 100% remote opportunities now that they have tasted freedom and flexibility to work on their own schedule.

Since most companies now have their employees working remotely it makes sense to find great IT talent (nearshore in Monterrey or other cities in Mexico) and save not only office space but at least 30% on IT payroll cost. IT professionals from Mexico are bilingual and often offer more years of experience, certifications AND an eagerness to deliver results and go above and beyond in order to keep their jobs (on a project basis). They do not take the opportunity to work for an American company for granted.

When done right, nearshore positions can not only increase productivity, but also improve overall performance, and save the company significant money right away. When you take advantage of nearshore resources you save time, real estate, and money.

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