So many large pieces of medical equipment are re-emerging with smaller more portable models. The need for it is great too, considering that hospitals are having an incredibly difficult time housing patients right now and space is badly needed. If you could free up space in your hospital by making huge medical machines portable and smaller, you’d do it, right? That is exactly what is behind the current concept of a mobile cardiac PET machine. Take the giant machine out of the hospital and put it outside on a mobile truck built to hold it. Here’s more on how this device went from Illinois to New York, and how cardiac imaging in New York is going to be changed forever.

Built and launched in Illinois, the Machines Celebrate More Than Two Decades of Valued Use

The concept of making medical equipment mobile is nothing new. Even Madame Curie transported her first x-ray machine on the back of a war truck! However, in the last decade or two, a return to mobile medical equipment has become even more important in reaching patients and providing convenient and easily accessible levels of care. These truck-loaded machines are built in Illinois, but they can go anywhere. Cardiac imaging in New York leaves more space for patients that need a room and need a bed.

Order a Mobile Unit for Your Inspection

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