Has your private surgical practice been recently penalized for falling out of compliance? Was the penalty due to procedural errors performed by your support staff and are now searching for a solution to prevent this situation from reoccurring? Have you been taking a significant amount of resources to retrain your staff but find they are not retaining some of the information, sustaining risks of costly penalties? If so, then here are two benefits of installing and utilizing a pre operating room or pre-op checklist in your practice.

No Need to Rely on Memory

One of the main benefits of installing and using a pre-op checklist is so that your staff will no longer need to rely on their memory to perform necessary pre-op tasks. As mentioned, you have to retrain your staff to ensure they meet compliance standards. Use this type of checklist to ensure each regulatory step is completed to avoid stiff penalties.

High-Quality Care

Another benefit of installing and utilizing a pre operating room or pre-op checklist in your practice is so that you can provide high-quality or higher quality care to your patients. You will help alleviate your patients’ stress and anxiety when they see that you have taken precautionary measures to ensure their safety.

The Leading Medical Checklist Provider

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