You can launch a rewarding career with a historic preservation degree if you know how to take the most effective path. Just as is the case in any field, this type of career requires getting to know the people working in the field as well as gaining the knowledge that will help you to be successful. As you begin pursuing your career, you’ll start to enjoy the personal and financial rewards that go along with this type of work.

Go to School

Your first step should be to earn a degree that will give you the knowledge and skills necessary for preserving historically significant items. You’ll have to decide what type of preservation most interests you to ensure you take the right courses for your specialty. For example, you might be interested in preserving documents, artistic pieces, or architecture.

Start Networking

It’s never too early to start networking with other professionals who work in the field. While this may include reaching out to other preservationists, you should also try to network with lawyers, architects, and other specialists who can help you in your career. Get started by using social media to meet others via the internet.

Find Volunteer Opportunities

Once you have earned your historic preservation degree, you’re ready to start working. Unfortunately, you’ll find that many organizations and businesses require some level of experience. You can gain the hands-on experience you’ll need by looking for internships and volunteer opportunities. After a few years, you’ll have the background to help you compete more successfully in the job market.

You can learn more about earning a degree in historic preservation by visiting the School of the Art Institute of Chicago online.