Furnace problems make it hard to live comfortably in one’s home during the colder months. Homeowners who don’t want their furnaces to stop working need to stay alert for signs of problems. Here are three times when it’s imperative to call for furnace repair near Apex right away.

#1-Partial Heating

Is the furnace performing below expectations? If so, there might be a few reasons this is happening. The ductwork could be blocked, clogged from excess debris, dander, and dirt. The furnace’s filter might also be clogged and need to be replaced. These are minor issues that can be fixed easily and for less money than one imagines.

Partial heating could also be caused by a mechanical issue within the furnace. The only way to know for sure is to call for service. Do this sooner rather than later to prevent further damage.

#2-Thermostat Isn’t Working

Sometimes the problem isn’t with the furnace, but with the thermostat. A broken thermostat can’t relay the right information to the furnace, which can affect performance. Call a furnace repair service to come out and check out the thermostat to make sure it’s wired correctly and functioning as necessary.

#3-Furnace Smells Like It’s Burning

The first time one turns their furnace on for the season, it might smell weird. Build-up from the previous season’s usage might be burning off. This is normal and should only last for one or two heating cycles. If the burning odor persists, this is a sign that something else is going on. Stop using the furnace and call for repair near Apex right away.

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