If you plan to give your car away, sell it for cash, or trade it in at a dealership near Chicago, you will have to arrange for a car title transfer. A title is a legal document that proves that someone has the right to either own or sell an item of property. It is not possible to complete a sale without transferring the title into another’s name.

The process of transferring the car title after selling a vehicle can be done by visiting your local Secretary of State office and completing some paperwork. Once this is done, the next step would be to find out how you’ll get paid upon selling your car with no money down.

If You Plan To Give Your Car Away

If you are simply giving your car away, you don’t need to worry about completing a title transfer. The receiver of the vehicle will take care of this process when they get registered with the State in their name.

If You Are Trading In Your Car At A Dealership

If you are trading in your vehicle at a car dealership near Chicago for something like cash or another car, then an auto dealer may either ask for you to provide them with your current registration along with the original title that is listed under your name; also, they may request that you fill out and sign a bill of sale. This typically depends on which business you are visiting, but it is advisable to bring both items along with you if at all possible (or ask for them to get the titles). The dealer will take care of the process for completing a car title transfer near Chicago.

At A Local Secretary Of State Office

If you are planning on selling your vehicle to an individual in Chicago, they will need to complete an application to transfer the title into their name. This can be done at any Secretary of State office; it is recommended that you contact your local branch before visiting so that you can make sure how long the process takes and when to show up. When filling out this form, all current owners (you included) must sign off on it before someone official; there may also be fees associated with this transaction depending on where you live.