There are a variety of heavy vehicles that enter and leave a city every day. Heavy towing service is also more sought after when big trucks and large automobiles are moving more frequently. When driving large-sized vehicles, things such as breakdowns, accidents, and rollovers are bound to happen.

Tow trucks with heavy-duty capacities are large and incredibly powerful. They can be used to tow quite a few types of vehicles over long distances.

Trucks and Trailers

Often, semi-trucks have to be towed by heavy duty tow trucks when they are stranded in an emergency. Professional Heavy towing in Alpharetta can provide efficient towing for single axle trailers and semi-tractor trailers that are disabled.

A semi-truck, tractor, or trailer being towed can be dangerous, and it requires good knowledge and experience to operate effectively.


A heavy-duty tow truck can tow any bus safely and effectively to anywhere it needs to go. As a result, most towing firms also use specialized tools with their tow trucks to avoid skirting and ground effects when towing long distances.

Miscellaneous Vehicles

For rescuing vehicles with more than six wheels or tracks, heavy towing in Alpharetta might be required. The towing of large vehicles such as big rigs, garbage trucks, and bobtails is not a problem for heavy-duty towing trucks.

Motorhome and RV

A heavy-duty towing service may be necessary when towing a huge RV or motorhome. Due to the increasingly complex construction and shape of such vehicles, you need to hire a specialized heavy towing service in Alpharetta.