Many pet owners feel that they can’t buy generic pet supplements because they are not the same quality as national brands. However, this is simply not the case. In almost all instances, the generic version is just as good, and sometimes even better than its counterpart.


It used to be that the selection of Private Label pet products was quite limited. However, this is not an issue these days because, for virtually every brand-name pet supplement, there is a private label generic equivalent.


The quality of generic versions of pet supplements is also not an issue anymore. In fact, most people do not know that many of the brand-name supplements they give to their pets are manufactured by the same companies that also produce the generic versions that are available.

Safe to Use

The safety standards set forth by the United States government are the same for generic pet supplements as they are with national brands. There are no shortcuts that can be legally taken by companies to manufacture generic supplements that skirt the guidelines and the law.


The main reason that pet owners start to look into Private Label pet products in the first place is the greatly reduced price. With name brands carrying a hefty price tag, the money saved by purchasing generic versions can be very attractive.

When buying virtually any product, it simply makes sense to seek out other options if they aim to perform the same job as the alternative.