Some of the most popular t-shirt designs in the Toms River area are those that have a positive message. Developing a positive graphic t-shirt for a group, organization, business, or to sell directly to your customers is an ideal option at any time of the year.

Getting the best positive graphic t-shirt design is the first step in the process. To help with this and to avoid common mistakes in designing graphics, here are some important factors to consider.

Consider Your Message

When focusing on a short positive message and a graphic, or perhaps only a graphic, it is critical to consider what you want to convey. Consider various symbols or recognized images that are associated with that positive message.

Next, consider how to present those graphics in a way that promotes your positive message. While you can use ideas from other graphics and images, you need to have permission to use the exact image or graphic if it is someone else’s work.

Placement of the Graphic

Placement of the graphic on the t-shirt is another important consideration. Most designers choose to add the primary graphic on the front of the shirt, typically in the center of the body and at the chest level.

Smaller graphic elements can also be added over or on a breast pocket or on the sleeves. A larger graphic design or the same design can also be added to the back of the t-shirt.

If you are interested in selling your positive graphic t-shirt from your Toms River store or website, consider offering a range of colors and sizes. Choosing graphic colors to contrast with the t-shirt colors will also be an important consideration.

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