Do you own a small business that is rapidly growing in size, causing you to move operations to a larger facility? Are you now in the process of hiring more employees for support and will need to implement a type of solution that will ensure your business remains safe while meeting new regulatory compliance health standards? Have you been utilizing a hand-held temperature capturing device but find that you will need to supplement this strategy with something that can efficiently screen your current and new employees on a much larger scale? If you answered yes to these questions, then here are two advantages of procuring and utilizing this type of thermal imaging camera.

Fever and Mask Detection

One of the main advantages of utilizing this type of imaging camera is that it can provide fever and mask detection capabilities. This means you will be provided with a robust and complete solution to ensure your employees remain safe while meeting national, state, and local regulatory requirements to continue operations.

Large Scale Monitoring

Another advantage of procuring and installing this type of imaging camera in your facility is that you can monitor on a much larger scale. As mentioned, you have been using a single hand-held device. This type of imaging camera can effectively and efficiently capture and detect above-normal temperatures extensively.

Top-of the-Line Imaging Camera Equipment

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