You have a tooth that needs to be removed. While it’s beyond saving with fillings, caps, and veneers, the tooth isn’t hurting. Is there really any urgency when it comes to arranging a tooth extraction in Charleston, SC? The answer is yes.

Opting to delay the extraction means more opportunities for pain to develop. As the decay continues to expand, the nerve endings will eventually be affected. When that occurs, you can bet that the pain will be quick and severe. Getting rid of the tooth now allows you to avoid that discomfort.

You should also consider the impact that the decay could have on the adjacent teeth. Bacteria can easily spread to the other teeth and eventually lead to more issues. You may also find that the tooth paves the way for a painful gum infection. If you get rid of the tooth now, you reduce the risk to the other teeth and have less of a chance of developing an infection.

Keep in mind that dental issues can have an adverse effect on the rest of the body. That includes increasing the risk of heart issues. Removing the tooth now helps to lower those risks. See the tooth extraction in Charleston, SC, as an investment in your general health.

Even if there’s no pain right now, don’t assume the extraction can wait. Call the dentist and set up an appointment. Once the tooth is gone, you can rest a little easier.