When you think about farming and how the actual process of Vegetable Harvesting takes place, you probably are not considering just how much goes into the entire process. In fact, even technology has a place in vegetable harvesting. Here are some of the steps of harvesting of which you may not be aware.

Transporting The Product

After the vegetables have been removed from their roots, the act of transporting must begin. The actual timeframe for this depends on where the field is as well as the exact product that is being harvested. Another consideration of transportation is where the vegetables will be stored. Much care is taken in the transportation process so that grains do not fall from the load.

Drying Process

When the vegetables are due to be dried, they are placed under heat lamps until sufficient moisture has been removed from them. Obviously, not all vegetables need to be or will be dried, but for those that do, this is a very important process in vegetable harvesting.

Vegetable Washing

This is a very important step in the harvesting procedure because the cleaning effectively removes not only soil and potential pests but the cleaning also gets rid of such things chemicals as fungicides and pesticides. This ensures that any extraneous materials are no longer present on the vegetables.

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