Shoreline erosion can be manmade or due to environmental situations. Florida’s hurricanes wreak havoc on the shoreline up and down the coasts but also hurts lakes and ponds. There are ways the damage to shorelines can be repaired regardless of its cause. Shoreline erosion repair in Bradenton can help to keep your shoreline damage under control.

Natural Causes of Shoreline Erosion

Residents of Florida are all too familiar with the weather damage that occurs each year. Shoreline erosion is one of the most serious types of damage. Hurricane season brings high winds, rain, and often storm surge that wears down the shoreline and is the main reason for erosion of all types of shorelines in Florida.

Even during calm periods in the weather, shoreline erosion can occur by the water simply being in contact with the shoreline over time and breaking down the sand, dirt, or whatever material the bank of the shoreline is made of.

Ways to Slow Erosion of Your Shoreline

There are ways to hold off the erosion of your lake or pond shoreline. Plants help the soil to stay in place with their root systems holding the soil. Like when fires wipe out forests and then suffer flooding, a shoreline that is bare leaves no way for the soil to stay in place when bad weather hits.

Putting walls around the edge of the shoreline is another way to protect your water area. This is particularly helpful for large lakes with sandy shorelines. Shoreline erosion repair in Bradenton by a knowledgeable company can let you know the options for your type of erosion.

Contact Lake and Lawn today at Sitename to see how they can help with your shoreline erosion in Bradenton. Your property will be more attractive and healthier when its shoreline is stable.