If you have one or more missing teeth, you are likely ready to have dentures made so that you look better and feel better about yourself. However, most people don’t realize that there is another option available in Augusta GA, called dental implants. This option works really well for one or a few missing teeth, though you can have them implanted for every single tooth if you prefer.

These options are permanent and will not damage surrounding teeth like partial dentures. They are meant to function like normal teeth by having the metal implanted into the jaw. A post sticks up from the implant, forming a solid foundation similar to the root of a tooth. Then, a custom-made tooth is made to fit over the post. Learning more about the implant option can allow you to make an informed decision about considering them.


While the procedure is typically the same whether you want one or all of your teeth replaced, the process is shorter when you only need a single tooth replaced. For example, usually at least two visits will be required for a single replacement tooth.

The first visit gives the dentist time to place the implant into the gum and jaw. During this time, you will be given a local anesthetic or some other form of sedation, depending on what the dentist offers and your preferences.

The second visit will not be for a few weeks, because the post will need time to fuse to the jawbone, which creates the solid root. Once this has been completed, your next visit will include receiving an abutment so that the implant can attach to the tooth, and then have the post and tooth placed.

Dental implants in Augusta GA will take some time to heal, meaning there will be some pain and discomfort. However, after the first few weeks of discomfort, you will have a brand new tooth or teeth and won’t have to worry about any pain.

Switching From Dentures To An Implant

For those that currently have dentures and want to consider an implant, you may be able to have four small implants inserted into the jaws. This implant option has a socket indentation so that your new dentures can snap onto the implant, making them firmer. This gives you added security and comfort while wearing them. Contact Shores Dental Center for more information.