Your child’s physician plays a significant role in their overall health and development throughout their formative years. Finding a family doctor in Eagan, MN, is one of the most challenging yet important roles as a parent. The following are some of the qualities the doctor you choose for your child should have.

Good Communication

Have you ever visited a doctor who spoke in complex medical terms, making it challenging to understand what they’re saying to you? When you look for a family doctor in Eagan, MN, for your child, you want to work with someone who can clearly express their ideas in a way you understand. Good communication is key to ensuring your child gets the best care and monitoring their development as they grow.


Another critical quality in any family doctor in Eagan, MN, is honesty. Unfortunately, some doctors sugarcoat the truth, leaving their patients feeling like they aren’t getting the information they require. While it can be difficult to hear some things a doctor may share, you will feel overall more confident when your child’s doctor is open and honest about everything.


No parent should have to feel like their child’s family doctor in Eagan, MN, is talking down to them about their child. Respect is critical to developing a long-lasting positive relationship between you and your child’s doctor. Meeting with a doctor before scheduling an appointment for your child can help you determine if the doctor will give you the level of respect you and your child deserve.

If you’re looking for a family doctor in Eagan, MN, for your child, contact Pediatric & Young Adult Medicine to learn more about their clinic.