With rising prices and tightening budgets, many people are putting off their hair appointments. However, keeping your hair in good condition is important for looking and feeling your best. Neglecting your hair can even cause you to lose out on a new job opportunity or promotion. Here are three signs that it’s time to visit a hair salon in Windsor CO.

You Have Split Ends and Tangles

Is it getting harder to get a brush through your hair? Skipping trims leads to split ends, which cause your hair to knot and tangle more easily. Over time, split ends travel up the hair shaft and cause more damage to your hair. While they can be temporarily sealed with products and treatments, cutting them off is the only real solution for split ends.

Your Roots Are Showing

Whether you’re coloring your hair pink with purple highlights or just covering gray, your color needs a touchup every six to eight weeks. Waiting longer results in unsightly roots, and the longer you wait, the more difficult your hair will be to touch up.

You Always Have Bad Hair Days

Does your hair always look bad no matter what you do? Whether your hair is frizzy, flat and lifeless or difficult to style, getting it shaped up at a hair salon in Windsor, CO can solve your problem. Your stylist can also teach you about the best products to tame your mane.