Although smoking is still the most prevalent way of consuming cannabis, Smoky Mountain edibles provide several benefits that make them worthwhile to try. This blog post will discuss why you should try taking cannabis edibles if you are new to the cannabis market and are seeking a safe and effective way to take cannabis, so keep reading to learn more.

Easily Control Dosage

Because edibles have various effects on different people, each person will require a different dosage. However, edibles are often simple to regulate in dose, so you should start modestly and gradually increase your intake.

Many beginning users mistake consuming too many edibles or doing so during the onset stage when they aren’t feeling high right away. The result is a powerful high that lasts for a long time, leaving users feeling worried and ill, with some even needing emergency care treatment.

Start with no more than 2.5–5 mg and see how you react to the cannabis before increasing your dosage. It’s also good to avoid mixing Smoky Mountain edibles with alcohol or other drugs.

Longer Lasting Effects

Another reason CBD edibles are so popular among cannabis users is because they last far longer than other means of ingestion, such as smoking. A high from inhalation lasts roughly 1-2 hours on average, with some lasting up to 2-4 hours. On the other side, edibles let you experience the high for up to 12 hours, with many individuals claiming to experience the benefits up to 24 hours after intake.