If you are searching for a Polaris Slingshot rental near Cincinnati, OH, you seek more than the typical car for your transportation needs. When people rent vehicles, they are after a bit of variety, even something exotic to drive. What better car to choose than a track toy?

Track Toys

Driving a track toy is no simple matter. These fabulous vehicles are nothing like the cars people typically drive, providing all the power of a race car by stripping the vehicle of all the weight a car ordinarily carries. Some of these race-oriented cars are illegal to drive anywhere but a racetrack. After a Polaris Slingshot rental near Cincinnati, OH, you will not be out of place at your Cincinnati track-day.

The Polaris Slingshot

Weighing less than a ton, coming in at a lithe 1,651 pounds, the Polaris Slingshot is a three-wheel motorcycle designed to impress anywhere from your garage to the racetrack. Legal to drive on the streets, the Slingshot offers 203 horsepower, creating a breathtaking driving experience to remember forever.


If you rent a car, perhaps you should go after something more luxurious, faster, or more exotic than you usually drive. A car rental is the only chance many people get to drive some of the world’s best cars. So, consider treating yourself the next time you need something to get you from point a to point b temporarily.