It is important to keep a baby’s skin protected, but you also want to prevent leaks and ensure comfort. This is especially true once your baby is on the move. At this point, you may want to think about making the switch from taped diapers to Snuggy diaper pants. Understanding the difference between the two will help you know when it is time to move on from taped to diaper pants.

A Better Fit

As your baby moves about during the day, they need a diaper that moves with them. Taped diapers can become loose as your little one plays and makes waste. Snuggy diaper pants feature a waistband that flexes to the shape of your baby. This means it will remain in place without any leaks or gaps.

Keeps Baby’s Skin Dry and Protected

When your baby was new, it seemed as though you were changing diapers every few minutes to keep him comfortable and fresh. As he grows, the changes become less frequent but your baby still needs to be kept as dry as possible in order to protect his delicate skin. Wet skin is not only uncomfortable, but can lead to painful irritation as baby moves. Snuggy diaper pants lock wetness away from your baby’s skin to provide maximum comfort and protection.

Not Just for Potty Training

Many people associate diaper pants with potty training, but your baby can begin to wear them much sooner. Snuggy diaper pants are available in newborn to extra large and provide up to six hours of anti-leak protection.

Remember to check the fit of your baby’s diaper pants regularly to ensure the size is correct. If your baby’s bottom is not fully covered, or he is constantly pulling at it, then it may be time for a larger size.

If your baby is on the move, it may be time for Snuggy diaper pants. Snuggy is dedicated to keeping your baby comfortable. Learn more at