Air conditioners make living in warm climates more liveable and pleasant. However, emergency AC repair in Peoria in the heat of the summer can quickly become a nuisance.

When it comes to repairing an AC unit, there is a difference between a rooftop AC unit and a side yard air conditioner. This article will first compare and contrast the two.

Comparing An Outdoor AC Unit To A Side Yard AC

Outdoor AC units are designed for use in areas with a lot of open space, such as a backyard or large patio. They are also known as free-standing or split-system air conditioners.

Side yard AC units are designed to be used in areas with less open space, such as a side yard. They can be mounted on the wall of the house or the ground and they typically have smaller condenser coils which make them quieter than their outdoor counterparts.

Size and Location

AC Contractor Peoria This means that an outdoor unit is often more expensive to install and operate than a side yard unit. Emergency AC Repair for Peoria could be costly.

AC Contractor Repairs

An AC contractor Phoenix installs, repairs, or replaces an air conditioning system in a home or office building. A quality-level AC contractor for Phoenix knows the difference between a rooftop AC unit and a side yard air conditioner.

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