When you are just starting to use Delta-8, you might be wondering what the best way to use it might be. While there are many options, the option that most people think works the best for them is dabbing. There are many benefits to using the best Delta 8 dabs.


Dabs are a lot cleaner than smoking traditional flower cannabis. For one thing, there is not the smoke present that the flower has nor is there the development of resin that can occur within the smoking device. Since dabs are basically a waxy extract, they do not have many of the toxins that smoking cannabis flower introduces into the body.

Quick Action

Dabbing is a method that works extremely fast. Unlike other methods that can take upwards of an hour to take effect, wax Delta 8 dabs work in a matter of minutes. This means that you can start enjoying the Delta 8 almost immediately after inhaling the vapors.


While cannabis flower is pure in theory, there are many drawbacks to smoking it. Cannabis vape oil is combined with many other chemicals so that it is far from pure. Wax delta 8 dabs are an extract that is pure delta-8 THC. There is nothing purer than the best Delta 8 dabs.

Variable Amounts

While dabs are quite pure, they can also be manufactured to have lower or higher levels of THC, depending on the wants of the user. This can be done while still maintaining the purity of the dab.