For 25 years, John Rob has been in the business of services related to technology. He founded eWaiverPro Digital Waivers in 2016 after noticing a need for an affordable and simple way to digitally sign waivers for employees of small and large companies in the Orlando area.

Utilizing his experience creating digital products, he developed an easy-to-use solution that has saved thousands of companies money while improving employee engagement and creating a sense of security among their employees.

Benefits Of Electronic Waivers

Customers Can Sign From Anywhere

With an electronic waiver, you can send your customers a document they can sign and email back to you. You don’t have to worry about them being able to get to the store or office or having access to a printer.


Electronic waivers save you money by not printing new copies whenever someone needs to fill out a form. They also make it easier for anyone who has trouble reading or seeing well enough to use a computer to fill out an online form instead of needing someone with sight or dexterity issues to work with them on filling it out.

Saves Time

Electronic waivers are an excellent tool for your business. They save you time and make local check-ins easier for customers. Because they can be completed without spending hours on the phone or in person, you can stay focused on other things. They also allow more flexibility in your process to adjust as needed.

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