Drapery is one of the hottest trends in wedding décor in the last ten years. It is also one of the trends that is most likely to stick around for a while. What makes wedding drapes so popular? It’s the versatility, effortless elegance, and beautiful backdrop they provide for almost any part of your celebration. Here are some great ideas for decorating with drapes:

Behind the Cake

The cake is the centerpiece of your reception, so why not give it the star treatment it deserves? Serve your dessert, your main course and even drinks in front of a delicately draped curtain, festoon with lights or flowers to fit the theme. Dinner, drinks, and dessert have never looked so good!

Behind the Guests

Photo booths and stations have become very popular at weddings and other major events. Take advantage of that trend by adding a drape to a cleared wall or other space and inviting guests to take selfies in front of it. Splash a wedding logo or hashtag behind their faces for even more on-theme fun!

Behind the Main Attraction

Of course, nowhere is better suited to the use of freestanding wedding drapes than the altar itself. If you are creating a space that you want to be the focus of every eye in the room, do it with drapery hung from freestanding supports behind the wedding couple. Add flowers, lights, sparkles – whatever fits the theme of your big day and adds that much more impact to the day’s main event. Your guests will love the way the curtains part romantically behind the lucky lovers – and you’ll love how budget-friendly this option is!

Shop the many options available for wedding drapes with your fabric and linen retailer and be sure to pick up the supports you’ll need as well. You’ll have an elegant set up in no time – and your guests will remember it forever!

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