As a farmer, it is important to protect your crops. You can find a company that has the best farm chemicals in Avon, IN, to help. They know how to simplify your crop protection decisions. They will come in and assess the needs of each of your fields, and they look at each block of soil to determine how to best reach its potential. Their program uses herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and other products to control pests all year long.

Soil Sampling

Soil sampling is important to analyze your soil. Once they have the results, companies that provide farm chemicals in Avon, IN, will recommend fertilizer and lime based on the results. They will also test the depth of the soil and make sure that you have the nutrients where you need them. You will be able to manage your field by the acre rather than having to look at the entire field at once.

Field Scouting

Companies that provide farm chemicals in Avon IN, have a scouting program that uses the latest technology to discover in field issues and evaluate operations. They send out scouts that identify and manage any issues to help you make good decisions, reduce plant stress, and increase your yields. They will offer critical insights concerning soil temps, compaction, leaf disease, soil diseases, insect presence, spider mites, aphids, fungicide decisions, and more. They can give you recommendations for dealing with any issues, and their technology ensures that you won’t need to wait for results.